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AiM GT320 Steering Wheel

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    The long awaited AIM Sports GT Steering Wheel is now available!

    A steering wheel represents a lot to a driver. It is the lightning rod between the racer and the road. It provides feedback and empowers the driver to make critical decisions while demanding millisecond responses.

    To pay homage to the peerless relationship between driver and car, we introduce our first GT Steering Wheel, where you can monitor information in addition to what is shown by your stock dash, view configurable alarms and shift lights, and activate specific car functions. Designed by the best track engineers and hand-made by the most qualified craftsmen, AiM GT Steering Wheel is a perfect mix of style, technology and comfort.

    This is the one every visitor wrapped their hand around at last year's PRI Show, and none of them wanted to let it go. It truly is a beautiful piece. The new GT Wheel is available in two sizes (350mm also available), two mounting options, and with or without electronic paddle shifters(sold separately).

    The high-contrast backlit display has been purposed to provide actionable driver-information with configurable elements. 

    It shows -“ with precise and enjoyable graphics -“ lap times as well as data sampled by EVO4, data from the ECU and data from the built in accelerometers and GPS. You can choose to visualize the rolling time, static lap time or predictive lap time (as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the best lap).

    The GT Wheel will connect to either an EVO4, or the non-logging RPM and ECU bridges.


    Paddle shifters are optional. Please call for pricing and availability.

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