Alignment Services

Iron Canyon Motorsports is a performance wheel alignment specialist with over 10 years of racing experience.  Whether it's a vintage racecar, long-distance enduro sportscar, or street autocrosser; Iron Canyon Motorsports works with the vehicle's owner to optimize performance. Vehicle characteristics, track environment, intended use, modifications, and driving style are considered in order to arrive at the best alignment settings possible for each individual. We are not a 'Toe and Go' shop. Many tire stores and alignment shops provide these kinds of services. Not us. Iron Canyon Motorsports provides a level of accuracy and attention to detail that go far beyond what these vendors provide. Quality not volume is what drives our business.

We provide the same quality of work for street vehicles and light trucks. Fuel economy, safety, tire wear, and handling will benefit from a quality alignment. 

Iron Canyon Motorsports uses a Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite optical alignment machine along with a Hunter Engineering in ground lift. The in ground lift allows us to accomodate low vehicles and race cars without fear of damaging the vehicles under carriage. Low vehicles = No Problem!


  • Performance Alignment - Two or four wheel alignment to user spec (1/2 tolerance) driver in car or ballasted to specification.
  • Competition Alignment – Suitable for coil over equipped cars. Set ride height (pre corner balance). Includes Performance Alignment.
  • Corner Balance – Optional when a Competition Alignment is provided.
  • Diagnostic Alignment – Use advanced tools to detect bent or worn chassis or suspension components. Toe out on Turns, Front / Rear centerline offset, and other advanced diagnostics. Available with any of the Alignment Services.












For vehicles equipped with a steering angle sensor, a Hunter Codelink is used to reset the SAS sensor back to factory settings. This additional service is included in the alignment service.  

Call to make an appointment at  800 408-1390. 


Service Offerings and Pricing:

  • Race / Track Alignment Starting at $150
  • Track Hog - Unlimited Race/Track alignments starting at $250
  • Corner Balancing 95/hr.
  • Some vehicles may require additional adjustments so prices may vary.
  • Prices include sales tax.
  • We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, or Paypal.
  • Alignment check - 50.00. Free if an alignment is purchased.
  • Steering Angle Reset included.
  • Track specific setups available.
  • Vehicle is ballasted to include driver weight and location.
  • In ground lift to accomodate low vehicles.
  • Scaling performed with wireless digital scaless.
  • Vehicle print outs provided with alignment service.
  • Setup sheets given with corner balancing.
  • Easy trailer loading and unloading access.

Please call during morning business hours beginning at 9:00am to schedule your appointment.  You could either drop off your vehicle or are welcomed to wait. Most street alignments take about 1 hour while most race alignments will take approximately 2.5 hours. Corner balancing may take 2+ hours additional and does not include an alignment.

Some vehicles may require more adjustments and may take longer to perform the work and may require additional parts and components. Due to these additional adjustments, price may vary. Alignment service includes one return visit to refine the vehicle settings if required.

We are available 9am-6pm M-F. Weekends by appointment only.


Call to make an appointment at  800 408-1390.