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ND Miata Alignment System

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    This is the latest alignment system for the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Systems available for all years of Miata MX5 cars. Combining precisely fabricated lightweight Aluminum components and the time tested method of using a string box to create a perfect reference box around the car allowing you to adjust the alignment both the front and rear wheels for an efficient thrust angle and the amount of toe on each corner so that you can adjust for different track conditions or driving styles. This is the same method top teams, including Formula 1 and CART have used for years. With this system you can do a better job of aligning your own car than almost any alignment shop. This system has gone through many revisions/improvements over the last several years.

    Why string? Try and find a laser that provides a .005 wide beam at a 10' distance for less than a few thousand dollars. A string based system provides the better or equal accuracy at a fraction of the cost and will work in both light and dark conditions. Try using a laser system in bright sunlight sometime. In addition - most if not all laser based systems use a ground based laser fixture that needs to be repositioned and indexed EVERY time the car is moved. If you cannot roll the car or jack the car up and down with the alignment tools in place, you are wasting a huge amount of time and losing accuracy as well due to the need to reindex the tool setup each time the car is moved. Using off the shelf lasers with aluminum tube stock as fixtures introduces an unacceptable amount of error as aluminum tube is easily bent and is not manufactured with the intent to use as a measurement tool or fixture. As a result there some degree of curvature to these tubes which can affect the end result. Like toe plates, if you cannot roll the car to settle or raise the car for adjustments, resetting the fixture will be required each time an adjustment is made. Counterweights provide a simple way to keep the string tight throughout the setup process.

    System includes the powder coated frames, vinyl coated clips, rulers, instructions, and anodized horizontal string bars:

    • Now shipped fully assembled and powder coated. Ready to use! 
    • String reels now used to keep string organized and clean.
    • Compare to the other popular option at over 450.00 along with the bulky, time consuming, setup and tear down. 
    • Anodized horizontal string bars included. All other hardware and instructions included. 
    • Adjust the alignment both the front and rear wheels for an efficient thrust angle and the amount of toe on each axle. 
    • Lightweight and easy to use. Sets up on the car in minutes and stores easily. 
    • Allows you to jack the car up and roll it around with the fixtures and string box intact so that you can work on the car and make adjustments. 
    • The string reels provide counterweights to eliminate the dreaded 'string droop'. Strings stay perfectly tight throughout the process. 


    Which way are your wheels pointed? A complete manual describes the process of setting up the system. Alignments can be done at the track or in your garage. Why pay an alignment shop when you can do it yourself and know that it is correct? Speed up the setup process even more when you add our ICM Wheel Plates, Toe Stick, and Digital Camber Caster Gauge. Select your year of car from the options drop down menu.

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