Iron Canyon Motorsports Services

Iron Canyon Motorsports focuses on providing specific services of interest to the track and racing enthusiast. We are not a retail auto repair facility. Race car fabrication, maintenance, and support is our focus. 

  • Race car support and maintenance
  • Data System installation, configuration, and coaching
  • Roll cage fabrication and installation
  • Installation of harness and seat mounts
  • Performance and Competition Alignment service along with street alignments
  • Aftermarket street or race Coilover, Suspension Bushing, Swaybar installation
  • Performance Brake upgrades


Roll Cage / Safety Equipment


Using Solidworks modeling software in conjunction with Bend Tech roll cage manufacturing software we are able to produce a cost effective roll cage solutiion that will exceed all of your sanctioning bodies requirements. Our Baleigh CNC tube bender translates the software 'vision' into reality with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Whether your goal is Pro racing, NASA, SCCA, or Chump/Lemons we can assist you with this critical item. In addition we can install a full complement of safety gear - seats, belts, fire system, battery disconnects, and etc. at the same time as the cage install so that you have a fully integrated safety system when all is said and done. 


Alignment Services

Our Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment system is one the most advanced and fully optioned alignment systems available. We can measures and plot bump steer and camber changes vs ride height changes. The precision, flush mount, alignment lift provides a perfectly level surface for corner balancing and ride height adjustment. Hunters Code-Link system can also read and reset all factory traction control, stability control, and steering angle sensors to ensure proper operation of the vehicles stability contol systems. We have yet to see a car that was too low for our flush mount alignment lift. We always welcome cars with modifications.

Check out our Alignment Services page for further details and pricing.

Suspension Services

  • Coilover installation on most vehicles. This service includes setting vehicle ride height according to the customer’s specifications. 
  • Coilover installation including our 4 wheel corner balancing and alignment. Corner balancing is HIGHLY recommended for vehicles with adjustable coilovers.
  • Sway bar installation
  • Camber plate installation (2 wheels only)

Track Preparation Services

  • Inspection – Vehicle tech inspection required for most high performance driving events/schools.

  • Track/HPDE Preparation:
    • Pre-track service and inspection.
    • Motor, transmission, and differential fluid change. 
    • Brake fluid flush and bleed.
    • Alignment inspection
    • Safety tech inspection
    • Service does not include fluids or filters or alignment adjustment if necessary.

Brake Services

  • Free installation of any big brake kit purchased from Iron Canyon Motorsports.
  • Installation of braided steel brake lines including bleeding of brakes.
  • Brake pad removal and re-installation for most disc brake applications (includes 1 axle set). Includes inspection of brake lines, calipers and rotors.
  • Installation of new rotors and pads (includes 1 axle set)
  • Brake fluid flush (does not include fluid)